IDENTITYKIT provide some API to perform face detection and face recognition. IDENTITYKIT is a RESTful web service easy to use! You don't have to do with image processing, you only have to call the API.

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Face Detection & Eyes Detection

Performing face and eyes detection is as simple as shown in the following snippet ( Using the PHP Client Library).
$identitykit = new Identitykit();
$output = $identitykit->face_detect("http://www.identitykit.it/images/lena.png");
 "faces":[ {
          } ],

Face Recognition

First train a model (See the documentation) then perfrom the recognition in only two lines of code.

$identitykit = new Identitykit();
$output = $identitykit->face_recognize(NAMESPACE,$image);
$output =
 "uid": 3,
 "distance": 34.4,

Train in the background

The training is a CPU intensive operation that can take a long time. However you don't need to wait for his end because the training run asynchronously. The usability of your application it will benefit.

Incremental Training

Train your model and update it with new user every time you want.

User plug-in & plug-out

Customize your model adding and removing user temporary. See tags.suspend and tags.activate